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How much does a house extension cost in London?

How much does a how extension cost in London?

In the initial planning of your house extension, ensuring that you have the right budget for your project will be paramount to its success. However, during my initial discussions, I often find that potential clients tend to have a much lower budget in mind until I burst the burble with a more realistic estimate. And this is not to suggest that their budget is without some research, but whilst there is a plethora of information that can be found online, it’s important to find figures relevant to the location of your project and the period in which it will be carried out. So for those wondering how much does a house extension cost in London, here are my figures that will be relevant to common house extension projects in autumn 2017.

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Glass box extension and how to keep it cool

Glass box extension - Islington, London

A glass box extension is the ideal design solution for creating a space that connects with the exterior whilst providing the thermal comfort of an interior. A client approached us to design a glass box extension for a side return that is surrounded on three sides by brick walls. A small kitchen diner currently opens into the area through French doors and the side return serves merely as thoroughfare to the garden. The size of the space and the nature of its surroundings was suited to a glass box extension, but the budgetary constraints meant that other options needed to be explored. Here are some of the points that have come up during our design explorations with the client. Read more

House extension in New Cross, London

We would like to share with you a project that we’re currently working on which is typical of the residential projects that we undertake in that it is a house extension to a London terrace. Our client owns the ground floor flat and some of the lower ground floor whilst the first and second floors are occupied by others. The brief for the project was to remodel the flat to allow the construction of a new bathroom on the lower ground whilst the original bathroom at the rear of the flat is demolished, creating an open plan living-to-dining-to-kitchen-to-garden floor layout. This then frees up the front reception and creates the possibility for it to be used as a bedroom.

House extension, London
Existing plans and section

Our client had pretty much figured out the layout that would work best for the project before our initial consultation having lived in the flat for a number of years. Using the initial ideas and the brief as the starting point for the design process, we’ve looked to explore with our client the building form that the house extension might take. As the building is also accessed from the lower ground floor leading to the side return that stretches to the garden, we’ve maintained the walkway whilst extending past the building line. This allows for an architectural distinction between the original building and the new extension. Read more