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How much does a house extension cost in London?

How much does a how extension cost in London?

In the initial planning of your house extension, ensuring that you have the right budget for your project will be paramount to its success. However, during my initial discussions, I often find that potential clients tend to have a much lower budget in mind until I burst the burble with a more realistic estimate. And this is not to suggest that their budget is without some research, but whilst there is a plethora of information that can be found online, it’s important to find figures relevant to the location of your project and the period in which it will be carried out. So for those wondering how much does a house extension cost in London, here are my figures that will be relevant to common house extension projects in autumn 2017.

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How long does it take to build a house extension from start to finish?

How long does it take to build a house extension from start to finish?

How long does it take to build a house extension is the question that every homeowner asks during my initial meeting with them. I can even predict at one point during the meeting that it will be asked. Although no two projects are alike, there are some key stages that can be closely estimated. So here is my breakdown of how long it takes to build a house extension from start to finish.

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Glass box extension and how to keep it cool

Glass box extension - Islington, London

A glass box extension is the ideal design solution for creating a space that connects with the exterior whilst providing the thermal comfort of an interior. A client approached us to design a glass box extension for a side return that is surrounded on three sides by brick walls. A small kitchen diner currently opens into the area through French doors and the side return serves merely as thoroughfare to the garden. The size of the space and the nature of its surroundings was suited to a glass box extension, but the budgetary constraints meant that other options needed to be explored. Here are some of the points that have come up during our design explorations with the client. Read more

How to create a light filled addition

How to introduce natural light in a space is one of the architectural elements that preoccupy me when designing houses. One of my favourite architects Louis Khan sums it up perfectly when he says:

“What slice of the sun enters your room? What range of mood does the light offer, from morning to night, from day to day, from season to season and through the years…?”

Depending on the orientation and size of openings, natural light has the ability to add dramatic changes as the time shifts from day to evening, from summer to winter. Even low lit contemplative places benefit from the controlled manipulation of light. A good building design that provides good daylight will result in an improved visual quality, help reduce energy bills and even improve general wellbeing.

For new additions to houses where a kitchen extension cum living space opens to a garden through large glazed doors, it is now the design standard that the doors will be accompanied by a glazed hole in the roof allowing a stream of light from above. This allows additional daylight to reach further into a floor plan more than the level that can be achieved through glazed doors alone. The benefit that the skylight provides is not limited only to the light that it provides but it also allows the look up to the sky, allowing a connection to the external surroundings. To minimise the risk of heat and glare on a hot summer’s day, I would suggest the following design options:


Build up the frame to allow for a sloping skylight. This would allow the glazed opening to be positioned towards a north facing orientation reducing the potential glare.

Orienting the opening towards east or west will produce the most heat and glare early in the morning or late in the evening respectively. A solution for this would to be consider blinds that are integrated into the skylight and provide diffused lighting when required.

How to create a light filled kitchen extension

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