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Build along a shared boundary with these key tips in mind

build along a shared boundary

So a disclaimer here right off the bat, we’re a London centric practice, so as followers of the blog may have noticed, I frequently cover issues that relate to residential design specific to the London context. Of course this is probably no surprise as London is where we’re based. And being a small practice, a lot of our projects involve alterations and extensions to properties that are often within close proximity to other neighbouring buildings. So we’re adept at designing around issues that this brings up such as overlooking. So if you’re planning to build along a shared boundary for your single storey or double storey extension, here are the key things to bear in mind for your project.

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Rules on extensions to houses: How far can you extend your home?

Rules on extensions to houses: How far can you extend your home?

What are the rules on extensions to houses and are there limits to how far you can extend your home? Yes, there certainly are, but it really depends on the application that your proposal is submitted under. So I thought I would briefly explain the limits under each application relevant to existing homes and the value in having a clear planning strategy that is right for your project.

We recently received planning permission for a side return extension and a loft conversion in Greenwich. Nothing really extraordinary about this as we regularly gain planning permission for this type of project across London.

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