Wellbeing in the workplace

Welcome to our new site – it reflects the rebranding of our design studio as we venture beyond domestic projects into workplace and hospitality. We hope you like it and will join us on the next journey of our work.

It is therefore fitting that the inaugural post be about wellbeing in the workplace. In the last few years, mental health has come to the fore on discussions about wellbeing, although from the two talks we attended last week on the topic, there is a way to go before it is on equal standing with physical heath. Addressing poor physical health is seen as a positive action, whereas addressing poor mental health still brings up negative associations.

Both presentations looked at situations that could lead to poor mental health at work and means for addressing them in the workplace. Mindfulness and yoga came up as did carrying employee surveys that could then inform organisational cultures. None of the speakers mentioned spatial design.

It goes without saying that design of our workplaces is critical in fostering our wellbeing. For most of us, most of our waking hours is spent at work, so workplaces need to be environments that at the very least we enjoy to work in, stimulate us, promote social interactions and support the company culture. We would also add that they need to adapt to the changing nature of work and technology.

Space planning, lighting strategies, materials, sound will contribute to our individual experiences of workplaces. As we found in domestic settings, it is unlikely that a workplace design strategy that works for one company will work for another. Key to our approach as we embark on workplace design will be getting to know our clients’ stories and exploring ideas for how these can be translated into physical spaces that work better for their teams and communicates their culture to their clients.